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Berlin Atonal 2018 (5 x 2 pass à gagner)


Festival Fever

- Tsugi

Berlin Atonal is delighted to release the final music program for the 2018 edition of the festival.

Added to the opening night’s programme is a new specially commissioned performance uniting Mohammed Reza Mortazavi - recognised as one of the leading Persian percussionists working today - and masterful sound designer Fis. They join a line-up featuring a new chamber choral piece helmed by Copenhagen’s Astrid Sonne, a premiere performance by Lucrecia Dalt and a ‘concerto for single laser’ by Robin Fox. Joining Gábor Lázár and Jay Glass Dubs on the Stage Null programme is Killer-Oma: the avant-garde duo bringing together Japanese rapper Killer Bong and Isao Suzuki, the 85-year double-bassist dubbed the godfather of Japanese jazz. The OHM and Tresor programmes host, among others, Beatrice Dillon, Lena Willikens, Caroline Lethó and PTU.

Neon Chambers is the new collaborative project of Kangding Ray and Sigha. They join Thursday’s Main Stage programme (already featuring Lanark Artefax, Klara Lewis, Cura Machines and Iona Fortune) for their first live performance. A screening of Mark Pritchard and Jonathan Zawada’s “The Four Worlds” precedes the concerts, while following them is the massive Drift programme guest curated by Alessandro Adriani and featuring Le Syndicat Electronique, June, Phantom Love, Bruta Non Calculant and a rare live show from the Mannequin boss himself.

Friday sees Pariah present Here From Where We Are, his debut LP picked by many as one of the year’s best releases. Italian producer Chevel also joins the Main Stage line-up as does a debut by Georgian artists Esi and Octochoron entitled Fear Pollution. Hiro Kone uses the opportunity for the first outing of her new Pure Expenditure project while British Murder Boys (Surgeon and Regis) perform for the first time in Germany in over a decade. In Tresor, Bassiani resident HVL is added to a line-up featuring Helena Hauff, Courtesy and Sigha. Stage Null sees a showcase celebrating 25 years of one of the most highly regarded creative impulses in British electronic music - Downwards. Marking the occasion label co-founder Regis has assembled a line-up featuring Ora Iso, Giant Swan, Paradox and Layne. Globus hosts a party with Possible Futures, Eric Maltz, Powder and PLO Man, while the OHM programme features, among others, Sophia Loizou, object blue, Yousuke Yukimatsu, ENA b2b Felix K and DJ Sports.

Saturday’s programme - already hosting live A/V shows from Actress, Leslie Winer, Kolorit (Lowtec + Kassem Mosse) and Prequel Tapes - sees the addition of a world premiere show uniting Claude Speeed and filmmakers Sasha Litvintseva and Beny Wagner. Stage Null presents the first live show of the new collaboration between Peder Mannerfelt and Pär Grindvik entitled Aasthma, as well as a specially commissioned trio bringing together Shifted, Broken English Club and Pan Sonic’s Ilpo Väisänen. Veronica Vasicka and Optimo round off the night. Globus is the setting for Contemporary Hardcore, a Konx-om-Pax curated rave featuring Actress, Cloudo b2b Mayhem, 48k, Golden Medusa and Anete K b2b LZE. Among the highlights from Tresor and OHM on the same night are: YPY, Alpha 606, Simo Cell b2b Low Jack, Solid Blake and Blue Hour.

The monumental closing night of the festival begins with Japanese sound-designer ENA soundtracking an edit of Kenta Iwamoto’s documentary “Bridge” live. The upstairs programme sees the world premiere of another Atonal commissioned collaboration, this time allying Sunn O)))’s Stephen O’Malley and INA-GRM director François Bonnet aka Kassel Jaeger. Caterina Barbieri presents her debut A/V show with Italian video artist Ruben Spini, joining The Transcendence Orchestra - the mind-transformative duo of Surgeon and Daniel Bean - as well as group A with Dead Slow Ahead, Outer Space presenting Organic Dial and the explosive, enigmatic closing act of the festival LABOUR with next time, die consciously (بیگانگی). The afterparty on Stage Null as well as OHM features Skee Mask, Objekt, Eris Drew, Machine Woman, Rezzett, Anastasia Kristensen b2b Sissel Wincent and more.

Festival passports are now sold out, but individual day tickets are still available from www.berlin-atonal.com. A limited amount of hard copy tickets are now buyable in Berlin at Spacehall in Kreuzberg. A further finite contingent will be released on the door when the festival opens each day. More detailed project descriptions

48K Aasthma (Peder Mannerfelt + Pår Grindvik), Live, W.P. Actress, Live A/V Alessandro Adriani, Live Alpha 606, Live Anete K + LZE Astrid Sonne presents Ephemeral, Live, W.P. Batu Beatrice Dillon, Live Blue Hour Bridge soundtracked live by ENA, Live A/V, W.P. British Murder Boys, Live Bruta Non Calculant, Live Caroline Lethô Caterina Barbieri with Ruben Spini, Live A/V, W.P. Changsie Chevel, Live Claude Speeed with Sasha Litvintseva + Beny Wagner, Live A/V, W.P. Cloudo b2b Mayhem Courtesy Cura Machines with Rainer Kohlberger, Live A/V David Morley, Live DJ Marcelle/Another Nice Mess DJ Sports Djrum Eric Maltz, Live Eris Drew Esi + Octachoron present Fear Pollution, Live, W.P. Felix K b2b Ena Gábor Lázár presents Unfold, Live A/V, W.P. Giant Swan, Live Golden Medusa group A with Dead Slow Ahead, Live A/V Helena Hauff Hiro Kone presents Pure Expenditure, Live, W.P. HVL Iona Fortune presents Chaotic Profusion, Live A/V, W.P. ishi vu Jay Glass Dubs, Live June, Live Kassel Jaeger + Stephen O'Malley, Live, W.P. Killer-Oma, Live Klara Lewis, Live A/V Kolorit (Lowtec + Kassem Mosse), Live A/V, W.P. Konx-om-Pax LABOUR presents next time, die consciously (بیگانگی), Live A/V, W.P. Lanark Artefax, Live A/V Layne, Live Le Syndicat Electronique, Live Lena Willikens Leslie Winer presents ©ont. with Gazelle Misst’inkiette + Maeve Rose, Live A/V, W.P. Lil Mofo LNS Lucrecia Dalt presents Synclines, Live A/V, W.P. Lutto Lento, Live Machine Woman, Live Martina Lussi, Live Misantropen Mohammad Reza Mortazavi + Fis, Live A/V, W.P. Moopie MUN SING, Live Nemo + Castro Neon Chambers (Kangding Ray + Sigha), Live A/V, W.P. Nika J Nikakoi, Live object blue, Live Objekt Optimo Ora Iso, Live Outer Space presents Organic Dial, Live A/V, W.P. Paradox, Live Pariah presents Here From Where We Are, W.P. Patricia, Live Phantom Love, Live Photonz PLO Man Possible Futures Powder Prequel Tapes, Live A/V PTU, Live Regis Resom Rezzett, Live Robin Fox, Live Laser Samuel Kerridge Shifted / Broken English Club / Ilpo Väisänen, Live, W.P. Sigha Simo Cell b2b Low Jack Sissel Wincent b2b Anastasia Kristensen Skee Mask Solid Blake Sophia Loizou, Live Sybil Jason SW. / SVN The Transcendence Orchestra, Live Tutu Veronica Vasicka Yousuke Yukimatsu YPY, Live

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