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First time in French Riviera ? Or you know some well-known cities but you want a not-usual mass tourism tour?

- Culture Vélo

This is the most spectacular e-Bike Tour because you will pass through the most beautiful roads & the most breathtaking viewpoints over French Riviera. About 50 stops at French Riviera most significant locations, sights and monuments
It's a very pleasant Road Panoramic Tour with some informations about authentic villages we pass through and fortresses & natural spots where we stop (recreational and not too much historic)
A great Village build just hanging over the sea with a great bay, natural harbour, excellent for a pleasant walk through the coloured streets, and a magnificent XVIth century fortress with plenty of curious artworks and stories
A pleasant ascent uphill from the sea to the sky stopping on the best balconies of French Riviera.
About 2 stops for refreshment, in Villefranche Old Town, its baroque church & Cocteau's very special chapel (optional) & harbour ; at 750m high stop at one more XIXth century fortress with the most unbelievable panorama where we can enjoy a 360° from Italian coast, to St Tropez or the Alps Mountains behind us & discover why the geography of French Riviera made us one of the best destination in the world (where only locals go). Possibility to enjoy there an amazing local food picnic.
Optional 1h-2h more : Eze Village very touristic & authentic village very special for its limestone medieval old town, its location very spectacular 250 m over the sea (eagle nest) and its very very mpressive & pleasant exotic gardens around ruins & poetic reality
Optional 2 : La Turbie & the Roman Monument Trophée des Alpes in honour of Ceasar Emperor dominating Monaco
We will go back Nice passing by the best hidden roads off the beaten touristic tracks.
Very good quality of Electric Bikes without effort to climb mountains
A delicious local food degustation offered
Local & with experience professional guide

by Nice Azur Visit - Creative Tourism